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Increase Your Revenue 5-10% by Adding 1 Star in an Online Review: Harvard Study Confirms

#1 Secret to Increase Positive Yelp ReviewsIn this week’s episode, James Martell co-host of the SmarterLocal Marketing podcast, talks with his co-host Jose Quiroz about the #1 secret to increase positive Yelp reviews. It may seem like a small thing, but increasing revenues can have a big impact on your business.

If you ever wondered if it is important to pay attention to your Yelp reviews, consider a Harvard Business School study discovered that you can expect a 5-10% increase in revenue by adding 1 Star in an online review. It’s quite a finding and clearly shows us all that growing positive online reviews is a worthwhile endeavor.

What is Yelp?

It is simply a website directory that mentions your business with an online profile, similar to the YellowPages of the past. Yelp breaks down the businesses by category, and it is a huge resource where people can go to find out what other people are saying about your business by reading the ratings and reviews people left, based on their experience.

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What Concerns a Business Owner Might Have

Some business owners may be a little afraid of this because they do not want to get a bad review, which will happen. Because people are looking for and reading the reviews before determining if they want to go to your establishment, business owners need to embrace the concept and take advantage of it to stay ahead of their competition. Once you embrace it, you will find it is a very useful tool to stay engaged with your customers.

James shares some stats that show exactly how impactful these reviews can be, and how important they are to getting new business through the door. A Yelp review is not a personal attack. You cannot stop them from happening, but there are proven ways to combat them and turn things around.

Customer Engagement Boosts Business and Rankings

Jose talks about other places people will often leave a review besides Yelp, and the big 3 to pay attention to. He shares why you need to pay attention to these, and all of the other places if you want to attract new customers. They also discuss a bad review, and talk about why they are not always a bad thing, and often encourage engagement from happy customers.

Jose talks about what a business owner must do when they do get a bad review to show customers they care and leave with a good experience. They also talk about how reviews can increase your Google ranking.

The #1 Secret to Increase Positive Yelp Reviews

BrightLocal says that 70% of consumers will leave a review when asked! This is huge for business owners to know, but they also need to know the many methods that can be used to get that review to actually happen. Jose discusses all the different tools a business owner can tap into to see a high conversion rate. If you already have great customers, it is easy to ask them for reviews and they share the best ways to go about that. James also discusses the number one strategy businesses can use to beat out their competition.

In this Episode you’ll learn:

  • Why you should not be intimidated by customer reviews
  • How increasing Yelp rating by 1 star increases your revenue
  • Some amazing stats that show the impact reviews can have
  • All the places people leave reviews online
  • How a bad review can validate a businesses authenticity
  • How happy customers can put a positive spin on a bad review
  • What a business owner must do if they get a bad review
  • How your rankings increase by engaging customers
  • What happens if you don’t take care of your customer reviews
  • The #1 secret to increase positive Yelp reviews

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