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6 Customer Nurturing Emails Every Local Business *MUST* Send to Build Loyalty

6 Customer Nurturing Emails Every Local Business *MUST* Send to Build LoyaltyDid you know it is much easier to nurture an existing customer and bring them back again, then going out and finding new customers? By putting together a very simple series of emails that are delivered automatically on a schedule, you can keep the phone ringing, keep customers coming back, leaving 5 star reviews, interacting on social media, referring their friends and spending more.

In this week’s episode, James Martell talks to Tony Valentino about 6 customer nurturing emails every local business *MUST* be sending to build loyalty, keep customers returning, repeat purchases and dramatically increasing your Facebook and Social Media following.

Email Marketing – Gold for Business Owners

Most business owners would agree that they could do a better job communicating with their customers. Sending emails is still the number one strategy many business owners are not taking advantage of. What many business owners may not realize is, that setting up an email marketing campaign is very easy, cost effective and produces long term results.

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Listen to learn how to put a strategy in place and employ software such as an autoresponder, and just let it run, on a schedule, to engage, educate and interact with your valuable customers. Unlike a paid ad that only “plays when you pay”, this queues up emails, and schedules them to go out over a period of time. James and Tony discuss how an autoresponder works, what it takes to set it up, and the results a business owner can expect.

6 Types of Customer Nurturing Emails

With just a little bit of effort, it is easy to figure out what emails are suitable for your customers. We cover 6 different types of emails that can be sent out. The goal is to show customers that we truly value them, but also ask for feedback to make their buying experience better. Emails are personal, can share stories, offer solutions, educate, pass on promotions or events, all while establishing the owner as an expert in their field.

So Many Additional Benefits

Emails solidify the customer relationship and brings loyalty, offering more sales. Knowing your customer and their needs, allows you to write clearly defined emails with specific ways you can help your customer. Because you have built that bond, you can also ask customers to subscribe to your blog, podcast, complete a survey or ask customers to do something, such as asking for a 5 star review which has immense benefits.

Schedule Away, Then Measure the Results

James and Tony offer up some important tips for sending emails to make sure that customer does not just open the emails, but reads the emails plus how to make the email attractive and easy for the customer to take action. After sending emails, little tweaks can be done along the way. Track what the open rate was of each email. Open it up, analyze it, rewrite the subject line, make a few adjustments until the results are working.

In this Episode you’ll learn:

  • How easy it is to start an email list
  • Tips for getting your emails opened and read
  • How emails can solve a problem to an issue customers have
  • 6 customer nurturing emails local business owners must send to build loyalty
  • How to figure out what emails are suitable for your business
  • Why it is important to build that customer connection
  • How emails can dramatically build your Social Media following
  • How emails can be tweaked to perform better
  • How to ask for the sale
  • Why getting reviews are so important to business owners
  • How to re-engage your customers with a survey
  • The killer way to appeal to the emotions of your customer
  • Two ways to get started with email marketing
  • How having tools in place to track and measure, greatly impact the bottom line
  • How to successfully obtain 5-star reviews with a simple email

We Offer Email Marketing Strategies for Local Businesses

If you want to get an email marketing strategy in place, to bring more clients through the door, we have a free email marketing course to help you get started. But if you are short on time, or don’t know where to start, our team is available to take this on, and put tools in place to measure and track your success.

James Martell wrapped up his discussion with Tony with an invitation for listeners to take advantage of their no obligation FREE Discovery Call and SmarterLocal Marketing Evaluation.


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