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[Case Study] How One Small Website Tweak Exploded Sales and Changed Everything for this Local Business

company to build my website

company to build my websiteCan one small Tweak to a website explode sales and turn everything around for a local business?

Yes, that’s what had happened and it was made possible by Tony Valentino who routinely responds to inquiries from those looking for a company to build my website.

In this episode, Tony shares with James Martell how a client of his is able to accept customer inquiries and orders 24/7 through their website while earlier it was only from 7 o’clock in the morning till a 5 o’clock in the evening when it was all done manually.

Tony Valentino lives in the South Florida area outside of Fort Lauderdale and he is a local customer acquisition specialist and also a partner here at SmarterLocal.

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Dave and Karen are the owners of a fuel delivery business who’re live in the same area where Tony lives and own these highly polished fuel tankers delivering multi-million dollar amounts of fuel each year. They had a good business model, but they found that it was taxing in the way that it took a lot of resources. They had to have two girls on the phones at all time and they were fielding a lot of people, a lot of questions and it’s because the people basically were just ordering direct. Moreover, they found that people would often try to bargain on a price.

Is It Time to Hire a Company to Build My Website?

Dave and Karen already have in place this typical old clunky website which was a bit cumbersome. The information was scattered over 16 pages. They’re really not connected to their site and the website is not really doing much for them either. When asked, “Do you get much business from your website?” and they said “No, we’ve got to have one and we’re told that you’re supposed to have a website.”

It did not take Tony much time or brains to see a problem there and to figure out a solution. The fuel company only needed to ask ‘build me a website’.

Tony actually reworked everything on the website and pruned it. The process was all streamlined. He cut down the number of pages from a 16 to a mere 2.

Magic Happens with 2-Page Website

Tony’s magic worked for them in many different ways. The process of people interacting with the business was made into a real simple painless activity. The number of phone calls the girls had to answer decreased drastically. It allowed them to become more productive. They saw the beauty and the ease and elegance of the new website and they never looked back. It was all made digital; they could cut down labor costs, no more costly manual mistakes.

Using one of the pages Tony was also able to build up an email list for the fuel business. Using the emails they could always set up an autoresponder series to stay in regular touch with their customers. This will eventually lead to repeat clients. Now, if you can see the BIG advantages of email marketing to nurture local consumers but are not sure what to do, the place to start is with “A Local Business Owner’s Guide to Gaining and Retaining Customers with Email Marketing”.

Now, what was the magical wand page that did miracles for the website! Is it something very unique and very extraordinary? In the title of the episode it says, ‘it’s just a small tweak’.

Could it work wonders for you as well? Listen up and find out.

Listen now and learn:

  • About how a small tweak to a website for a local business who was looking for someone looking for a “company to build my website” literally exploded sales for them
  • What a fuel delivery business were doing earlier and what effect a simple change to their website brought about
  • How a fuel delivery company could cut back on labor costs by half
  • How it was all made digital for a fuel delivery company with no more of costly manual mistakes
  • How they could streamline their services so the system could work 24/7 instead of just 10 hours a day

James Martell wrapped up his discussion with Tony with an invitation for listeners to take advantage of their FREE Discovery Call and SmarterLocal Marketing Evaluation.


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