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5 Reasons Email Marketing Is the Key to Winning More Local Customers

email marketing for local businesses

email marketing for local businessesIn this edition of the SmarterLocal Marketing Podcast, your host James Martell, is joined by Jose Quiroz, a customer acquisition specialist, and Partner at SmarterLocal to talk about the “5 Reasons Email Marketing Is the Key to Winning More Local Customers”. James and Jose will discuss the many benefits of Email Marketing for local businesses on how you can use it: to engage your customers, get immediate results, and, for cost effectiveness.

Stats say 91% of consumers check their email at least once a day on their smart phones, and they actually want to listen to special offers and promotions from businesses. And if some of these people are already your customers, they will now be your brand advocates and influencers; people who are familiar with your terms. Emails help to stay in touch in them on a regular basis and get more return on investment for your business.

How Effective Is Email Marketing for Local Business

Stats from direct marketing association says, email marketing is still by far the most effective marketing strategy of all things we can do on the Internet these days. Email marketing yields an estimated 4300% return on investment. Another stat says people who receive email offers spend a 138% more than people who don’t. So you never know how higher you can take your business by implementing this simple strategy of Email Marketing for your business.

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A FREE Email Software Solution

Roy Wiseman shared an affordable email software solution for local businesses in another episode that makes it easy to create and send emails that turn customers into repeat customers which is a common goal for every business owner. The software is 100% free for up to your first 2,500 subscribers, which can change your business’ life because you can have your customers coming again and again. You can also send 15,000 mails per month. It will be a decent email solution to start with.

Listen and Learn:

  • How email marketing for local businesses can help win local customers
  • How a customer list is an asset to the business and how you can use it
  • How to nurture relationships with your customers and the benefits of it
  • How you can make your customers as your business advocates and influencers

James wraps up his conversation with Jose with an invitation to local business owners to take advantage of their FREE 30-minute discovery call to explore a number of strategies you maybe able to successfully employ to attract local customers to your business.

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