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email marketing softwareIn this edition of the SmarterLocal Marketing Podcast, your host James Martell is joined by Roy Weissman to discuss about the next generation email marketing software for local businesses that makes it easy to create and send emails that get opened.

Roy Weissman is the Vice President of Sales for SendPulse with an extensive background in Business Development, Sales, Marketing, Finance and Management in the media, entertainment and digital media industries. James had the opportunity to chat with Roy recently about SendPulse, looking forward to let Roy explain the ground breaking features SendPulse offers all designed to get your emails opened.

Is an Email list Good Enough? What About the Open Rates?

Every Internet /Digital marketer knows the importance of building an email contacts list. Research says, a full 70% of people that come to a website will never ever be seen again unless you get them to subscribe.

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But another email company did an analysis only to realize, only around 20% of sent emails are ever opened, that means 80% of emails are never opened. And email companies are ready to talk only about deliverability; they never want to take responsibility about open rates.

But if you could possibly have an automated system that could take the unopened rate from 80%, down to 70% or 60%, you’re getting 20 to 40% opens and you could be attracting more local customers and thereby increasing your revenues.

Send Pulse: An Intelligent Email Marketing Software

SendPulse is an automated email system that recognizes the emails that were not opened the first time, and sends an email the second time with a different subject line. This results in an increase of open rates. The platform isn’t just about email; it combines Email, web push notifications and SMS texting. You could send a coordinated campaign across multiple channels. You could send an email out and a notification simultaneously, so the person sees a pop-up on their screen, which can say, ‘Hey, check your email for this great deal we just sent you’.

And, what if your email could be in the first 5 emails every time with every subscriber. SendPulse uses artificial intelligence technology to build a huge database which monitors what time your subscribers open their emails, and sends them emails accordingly. It’s all about relevance, SendPulse has unlimited options for personalization, and unlimited options for segmentation. It even converts a blog post into an email newsletter, and sends it out.

Listen now as Roy Weissman shares with James:

  • The importance of building email lists for both online and offline businesses
  • Resend feature in SendPulse: An Automatic email sent to those who did not open 1st email
  • Usage of Artificial Intelligence to track when your subscribers open their emails
  • Optimization of Email Campaigns: the more emails you send, the better the system becomes
  • Triggered Email feature in SendPulse that helps further segment your Audience
  • Web Push Notifications feature in SendPulse
  • SMS, the communication medium for a lot of young people, a built-in feature in SendPulse

James Martell wrapped up his discussion with Roy with an invitation for listeners to take advantage of their FREE Discovery Call and SmarterLocal Marketing Evaluation.


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