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[Case Study] Growing a Chiropractic Clinic from ZERO to a Consistent 16 New Patients Per Month from the Internet By Being SmarterLocal

small business marketing agencyIn this edition of the SmarterLocal Marketing Podcast, your host James Martell talks about the different marketing strategies they use as a small business marketing agency that help businesses grow, with Dr. Cale Copeland.

Dr. Cale is the owner of Victoria Family Chiropractic in the district of Victoria who is in practice since the last 9 years. They see a great variety of patients in their practice; a lot of pregnant moms, infants and children. There’s a big focus on kids growing upright and awareness of spinal health and neurologic health. They also see elderly populations and a lot of working-class people. He has been the chiropractor for a local hockey team called the Victoria Grizzlies.

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Many small business marketing agencies offered to help Dr. Cale attract new clients. The girls in their front reception gets phone calls almost continuously and Dr. Cope himself gets many emails from smaller companies offering help in his practice, to improve his website’s rankings and promising all kinds of things like increasing the number of patients. It’s even funnier when he gets a surprising amount of advertising from Google itself requesting to advertise with them.

ZERO to 16 New Patients Per Month

Dr. Cale fortunately had a colleague held in high esteem, who strongly recommended James Martell and that proved to be good enough to push him over the top. He was really pleased as the price was reasonable, it was at a time when he had a couple his colleagues paying enormous monthly fees and they’re actually getting nothing in return. James Martell’s lead generation techniques for chiropractors helped Victoria Family Chiropractic increase the incoming patient count from ZERO to 16 new patients a month.

James shared how once the phone started ringing with fresh leads, how he went on to create and implement an email marketing strategy and a follow-up email sequence. They plan to capture the patients’ details using an email marketing platform.

Listen as James and Dr. Cale Discuss

  • How Dr. Cale, like many local business owners was struggling to attract new clients from the Internet
  • Dr. Cale’s colleague’s recommendation about James Martell’s marketing strategies
  • James Martell’s reasonable fees while Dr. Cope’s colleagues were paying enormous fees getting nothing in return
  • Dr. Cale’s habit of updating his blog regularly, a great habit to differentiate himself from his competitors
  • Drastic improvement: 1 patient a month to 4 patients a week from the Internet
  • How citations, reviews and fresh website content improves your website’s ranking
  • Final thoughts for somebody who maybe a business owner

James Martell wrapped up his discussion with Tony with an invitation for listeners to take advantage of their FREE Discovery Call and SmarterLocal Marketing Evaluation.


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