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[Case Study] Doctor Shares Secrets to Attracting 44 Patients in 30 Days

how to attract patients to your practiceIn this episode James is talking with Dr Cale Copeland from Victoria Family Chiropractic, about how to attract patients to your practice and the perfect mix of marketing strategies he used to get him to the top of the search engines.

James says the SmarterLocal Marketing program employed for Dr. Cale, is a great strategy for any local business who is looking to attract more clients, customers or patients through their door, and are looking to the internet to fulfill that.

How to Attract Patients To Your Practice

James and Dr. Cale worked together a number of years ago doing some on-page SEO, with good success bringing in new clients and the practice were “beyond busy”. But as years went by, they noticed his competitors started to move into the top positions and it was time to see what new changes could be made.

The online strategy started with a full upgrade to the existing website with a fresh modern look, new content, video gallery and making sure Dr. Cale was ranking high in the local search results (SERPS).

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Google Ads vs. Natural Search

It was important to note that when people are searching, over 70% of them are doing it on their smartphones, and because paid ads are now displaying first, that is what the consumers are seeing before the natural search results. They used to be tucked away in the right column, but now they are front and center and they don’t always look like a paid ad. Because of the new ad configuration, Dr. Cale shares how this affected his business.

Other Online Strategies That Cannot Be Ignored

There are a number of important online areas that business owners need to pay attention to besides paid and natural search. They discuss these in more detail and what a potential client is looking at, when determining if they are going to pick up the phone and call you.

Dr Cale has had such great results and feels that by utilizing and taking advantage of ALL the different online resources James has recommended, that each has contributed to his success and have positively impacted his business.

Communication With Your Clients

Once you have your online strategies in place, it is important to continue to build a relationship with your clients, and Dr. Cale outlines the 3 strategies he uses as a way to communicate with his patients, keep them informed of any promotions and how he tracks his results. While expanding on how to attract patients to your practice, he also discussed how much time it takes him each week and why he enjoys it so much.

Podcasting: Staying One Step Ahead of the Competition

Dr Cale started his podcast “Back to Health”. He says it is “easy and fun” and he talks to people who have been successful in life and share their health journeys. Everyone from Gold medalist to older folks. It is a cool way to get information from people you would not normally get, and he has found this has really brought his business to the next level by lending credibility.

Listen Now as Dr. Copeland shares:

  • Where traffic comes from
  • Paid vs natural search results
  • What online strategies made the most impact
  • His paid ad budget and gameplan
  • The 3 methods Dr Cale uses to communicate with clients
  • What you cannot ignore to bring in new clients
  • Why updating the website made a difference
  • Where to find business reviews and do people pay attention to them
  • How email marketing is used to get google reviews
  • How much fun the podcast is and what he talks about
  • The next strategies being implemented to promote the brand
  • Why it is important to work with someone your trust


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