#009 | [Case Study] How a Client Was Able to Double Hourly Rate By Employing 3 SmarterLocal Strategies

James Martell talks w/ SmarterLocal Marketing co-host Tony Valentino shares a real-life case study about how to generate leads in local market.

James Martell talks w/ SmarterLocal Marketing co-host Tony Valentino shares a real-life case study about how to generate leads in local market.Would you LOVE to have a PROBLEM where too many people are calling you for your services and you have to double your hourly rate just to slow things down? In this week’s episode Tony Valentino talks to James Martell about 3 simple SmarterLocal strategies he employed for a client that lead them to doubling their hourly rate. You could do the same by taking the time now to learn how to generate leads in local market.

Tony Valentino lives in the South Florida area outside of Fort Lauderdale and he is a local customer acquisition specialist and also a partner here at SmarterLocal. He has been studying internet marketing and search engine optimization for more than 10 years. He also learned how to build high-quality websites that market to the right audience and to drive profitable traffic.

Attorneys Branch Out to Cope with New Business

Two brothers who’re attorneys have a law practice in Hallandale Beach in South Florida which is a very competitive area. One of the brothers who’s a weekend warrior on the computer put together this clunky old website with pages and images that didn’t quite match or resize. It wasn’t attractive enough for their law firm.

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They approached Tony wanting to have more business. Tony put on the website some of their tools in place which soon started generating qualified leads at the local level.

How to Generate Leads in Local Market

Websites when done correctly can be a great tool to generate leads in a local market. Tony’s team changed the overall look and feel of the website. They took professional photographs for the website and made it all look vibrant and attractive. One would feel these are the kind of people you’d want to do business with even at the first visit.

Need for Mobile Friendly Websites, Business Citations and SEO Blogs

As of November 2016, websites were accessed more on mobile devices than they were on PCs and laptops. 91% of business websites are still not optimized for mobile yet. Google said, statistically 61% of people who visit a website that offers a poor mobile experience leaves and goes on to the next website. Tony made sure the website was made mobile friendly.

Other issues Tony had to address were Business Citations, SEO and Blog articles for the website. The strategies soon started yielding results as the attorneys started to generate leads in the Local Market. The business started to boom and blossom. One brother had to move out to Fort Myers which is on the other coast of Florida just to address the business there. Their phones do not stop ringing.

Listen up to the discussion as Tony reveals the details and James adds his own experiences and offers suggestions on how to to generate leads in local markets.

In this Episode you’ll learn:

  • What was the #1 thing that Tony put in place after an initial consultation with the client
  • What a citation is, where they are found and why there are important
  • How SEO was introduced in this particular case
  • How to generate leads in local market
  • How to make a website attractive so that even a 1st time visitor would want to do business
  • How blog articles are to be added to get free traffic from Google
  • The importance of having in place mobile friendly websites

James Martell wrapped up his discussion with Tony with an invitation for listeners to take advantage of their FREE Discovery Call and SmarterLocal Marketing Evaluation.